Black History Month

24. Februar 2022

The Black History Month was established in America to remember and honor the contributions of African Americans across U.S. history and society. It tries to pull different black perspectives out of marginalization and gives it the attention that’s needed to combat the white supremacy in the academic class but also in the common discours of the U.S American life, where black people's voices are still blatantly overlooked and discarded everyday. Since 1976 the Black History Month has been celebrated every february as a way to breach this systematic inequality in the public discourse, education and pop culture.

To be a part of this movement, we wrote speeches about racism in year 11. Here is one example: In 1962 Martin Luther King said „ I have a dream „. The dream of justice. The dream of equality and brotherhood. The dream of freedom. But 60 years later we should sadly recognize that his dream and the dream of over 150 million people has not fully become reality yet. Today there are still people who don‘t view everyone as equal to themselves. In 2020 the BMI count over 9.420 official crimes motivated by racism in Germany. 9.420 lives that could be spared. Especially today where racism and antisemitism are on the rise we need to stay true to his ideals. The hate for black people, Asians or any other victims of racism is nothing coming up naturally in our minds. Racism is the cruel side of the society of the majority. It is born in despair and hopelessness, where a few need to be the scapegoat for the mistakes of the many. But this horrific fact also leads to hope. It’s on all of us to realize the dream of the brave fighters, who lost their lives in this battle, for racial justice and equality. It’s our historic responsibility to eradicate the chains of oppression.


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